Trending: Met Gala 2017

Met Gala 2017

Dubbed “The Oscars of the West Coast” this year’s Met Gala honored Japenese fashion designer Rei Kawakubo.  The world’s most fashionable elite came ready to pay homage to the designer through exaggerated and voluptuous designs. While some took it to playful extremes, in honor of Kawakubo, others chose simple designs that accented and complimented their style. Whether extreme or minimal, colored blocked thigh highs came splashing onto the scene. An overall thigh high silhouette was seen in fishnet stockings and laced up stilettos. The fall season considers a pair of boots an outfit staple but now makes me wonder if we will see these eye-catching thigh highs this Fall 2017.
In love with these color blocking thigh highs? Balenciaga is selling them for a nice $1,395 at both Nordstrom and

Trending: From Runway to Reality

Free Falling: From Runway to Reality

I’ve had this constant deja vu coming to me every couple of days. I think, “I’ve seen that somewhere.” The “that” I am referring to are the denim jackets slipping and sliding off the shoulders of Instagrammers, bloggers, and the most fashion savvy on the streets. Week after week as I continued to see more jackets clinging for dear life, the itch came to me and it was time to investigate. “Where have I seen this before?!”

It all started on a cool brisk day during Paris Fashion Week, when the models took a stroll through the 2016 Fall/Winter Balenciaga runway. One year later, falling shoulders are still here to stay.