Trending: Met Gala 2017

Met Gala 2017

Dubbed “The Oscars of the West Coast” this year’s Met Gala honored Japenese fashion designer Rei Kawakubo.  The world’s most fashionable elite came ready to pay homage to the designer through exaggerated and voluptuous designs. While some took it to playful extremes, in honor of Kawakubo, others chose simple designs that accented and complimented their style. Whether extreme or minimal, colored blocked thigh highs came splashing onto the scene. An overall thigh high silhouette was seen in fishnet stockings and laced up stilettos. The fall season considers a pair of boots an outfit staple but now makes me wonder if we will see these eye-catching thigh highs this Fall 2017.
In love with these color blocking thigh highs? Balenciaga is selling them for a nice $1,395 at both Nordstrom and

Style – a journey through time

Over the past couple of years, I’ve had a complicated relationship with style. My personal style and love for clothing has been an innate instinct that I’ve taken pride in, most of my life. Having dressed in a uniform for 9 years, attending kindergarten to eighth grade, a Free Dress Day was the equivalent to a Casual Friday. There was always an excitement in picking the one outfit that would remind my fellow classmates what I was all about. Behind the white collard shirt and green plaid skirt, I was bursting to share more. Style tells my story without me having to say anything at all.

In High School, I had my break. No more uniforms. It was now my turn to express myself without having to be the most social, extroverted student. They say you should never judge a book by it’s cover, but when you’re a 13 year old girl trying to fit in, every single book gets judged, including my own. Style was my defense. Every morning, I put thought into selelcting what would feel right for me. I dressed for no one but for my own reassurance that I felt good.

As I’ve matured, I’ve lost that same drive to place clothing on my body that identifies and aligns with my happiness and comfort. I’ve been exposed to different experiences and circumstances that have hindered my own style values. For example, working in a department store selling premium denim and cozy tees, made me obsessed with the fit and quality of denim. My closet no longer was home to shift dresses and high waisted skirts. It had been rented by piles and piles of premium denim. I was blinded by the moment and lost track of my style identity. Working in an office also added a slight pressure to conform to the typical office environment. One of my employers celebrated an extremely relaxed dress code. When I say relaxed, I mean cargo shorts, open toed thong sandals, and I don’t even want to continue. While this was great for some people, it simply wasn’t me. Though I never did conform to denim shorts in the workplace, I did bring my own personal style down a couple notch. I became more concerned about “fitting in” with my coworkers instead of feeling like myself.

2016 was the year Marie Konmari really “changed my life through tidying” or at least reminded me of what brings joy to my life. What brings joy? Clothing, fashion, style, brands, fashion weeks, shopping, malls, materialism, all of it! I’m here to reclaim my style or at least find some pride again. Because as Ms. Liya Kebede says “style is open to all. And your style? It can only belong to you, no one else.”

Trending: From Runway to Reality

Free Falling: From Runway to Reality

I’ve had this constant deja vu coming to me every couple of days. I think, “I’ve seen that somewhere.” The “that” I am referring to are the denim jackets slipping and sliding off the shoulders of Instagrammers, bloggers, and the most fashion savvy on the streets. Week after week as I continued to see more jackets clinging for dear life, the itch came to me and it was time to investigate. “Where have I seen this before?!”

It all started on a cool brisk day during Paris Fashion Week, when the models took a stroll through the 2016 Fall/Winter Balenciaga runway. One year later, falling shoulders are still here to stay.

Spotlight on Zara’s Amancio Ortega

“The fashion industry might seem small and unimportant, especially in today’s world when clothes couldn’t be cheaper and more available.”

Quick Recap:

  • 1963 – Amancio Ortega start’s his own company – Confencciones Goa with $25
  • 1975 – Amancio open’s his first retail store, Zara. Originally intended to be called Zorba.
  • Amancio took a different approach to selling fashion. Instead of a seasonal cycle, he sold product in limited product runs by marketing new designs in as little as two weeks.
  • 1985 – INDITEX is created as a holding company
  • 1988 – opens first international Zara in Portugal
  • 1989 – opens first U.S store in New York
  • 1991 – purchases Massimo Dutti
  • 2001 – takes Inditex public and sells 20% of his shares
  • 2004 – store number 2,000 opens in Hong Kong
  • 2010 – store number 5,000 opens in Rome
  • 2017 – 7,292 stores in over 92 countries
  • Amancio Ortega is the 2nd wealthiest man with a mere 67 billion dollars.

Memory Mirror by Memomi

This week, more specifically Friday 2/10/17, Neiman Marcus opened their newest digs in Fort Worth, Texas. A 95,000 square foot, brightly lit, fresh floored mini mecca of fresh designer goods. Before I begin a blog post in a blog post about Department Store openings, I want to keep it simple and talk about the Memory Mirror by Memomi.

The new Fort Worth location boasts all things tech. A true example of an “interactive experience” that many retailers are currently aiming to achieve.

The most exciting tech feature is the Memory Mirror, found in the Cosmetics Department. What is it exactly? A mirror that records your before and after makeup application process. You now have the ability to see the transformation in action. Simply record, apply makeup (clean the samples!!!), and email the video to yourself.  No longer protecting high-end cosmetics behind a glass case, customers can touch and feel all products ranging from Marc Jacobs to Sisley Paris. From there, simply use the Memory Mirror to see whether that Liquid Lipstick is really worth the $35 dollars.

Branded “The World’s First Digital Mirrror,” Neiman Marcus is currently the first and one of the few retailers to carry this incredible tech toy.