what is a RadioShack?

Most likely you have heard of this national retailer, but most likely their name has disintegrated into lost retail space….. 

This past Sunday, RadioShack featured one of the most popular ads of the Superbowl saying bye bye to their old outdated interiors, and hello to their new and improved future selves.  It is always wise to admit to your faults, and RadioShack was able to deliver that message to about 11.5 million viewers.  Why the change for RadioShack? Fierce competition from the clean, easy to shop, bright light, knowledgeable staffed competition (cough Apple.. cough) has forced RadioShack to really just Go Big, or really just Go Home.  

The good outcome from their Superbowl ad was an increase of 7% in their stock the very next day.

The bad? The closure of 500 of RadioShack’s stores this year. 




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