on the road again, featuring Juicy

Juicy Couture, once a luxury sweat suit brand, now a foster brand being sold off to yet another corporation. This time Fifth & Pacific is selling off Juicy for a cool 195 million to “Authentic Brands.” Why? To focus on the new girl Kate Spade…. Makes sense, Kate is at her prime even though she’s been around for a long while. Sort of reminds me of the part in Mean Girls when Regina gets forgotten about, & all the attention goes to Cady because she’s had a dramatic glamour change. So I guess Kate Spade is like the Cady, profitable in every sense of the name and look. But like in Mean Girls, I would give her another 4 years until everyone is dead tired of seeing the same Kate Spade logo on every cookie cutter looking wallet & bag. Hopefully by then her Saturday brand will be bigger than what it is now. There is hope 🙂

Let’s hope Authentic Brands can keep Juicy alive, because at the end of the day I’ll always be a Juicy girl at heart. Never will I forget where I came from
article via: Tess Stynes (the Wall Street Journal) 


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