j’love: Sophia Amoruso

This week Forbes mag/.com came out an amazinggg interview with Sophia Amoruso(founder/creator of Nasty Gal) giving me one more reason to love her. The real reason I know about her is because I was insta-stalking and saw someone like her instagram page, leading me to read she was the Founder @ Nasty Gal. I instantly let out a woah. She was just as cool as her brand, obviously, but she was just really cool. Posting pics that were relatable yet also very artsy and fashion forward. I instantly loved her, and loved nasty gal which i was not the biggest fan of before.(not really my style, just cause im not that bad ass.) But knowing that it was her website, made me LOVEEEE it.

This year, Nasty Gal sales will reach %128 million dollars with a company worth at $130 mil. WOAH WOAH WOAH. Part of the success comes from selling 93% of inventory at full price(omg), marketing through social networks, and being beyond loyal to customers. Congrats Nasty GALS ! via: Forbes.com


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