Mango Event w/ Natalie Off Duty

Wearing: Vince top, JBrand Power Stretch Legging, Aqua Necklace, and my fav and only Michael Kors Purse

I attended Natalie Off Duty’s MANGO Event at Third Street Promenade this past Friday. It was a fun event considering I never go to anything fashion related, so I brought my friend Ashleigh with me… We talk fashion for days so it made the expierence even better. I just met Natalie & Dylana a week ago at my local mall and they were sweet enough to invite me to go. I loveee their blog and have been reading it for quite some time.
here is their link:

In the first pictures I’m wearing all Mango. We were supposed to style an outfit to be entered to win a 500$$$$ Mango Gift Card!!! Sadly I did not win, but I did win really. I fell in love with the cable knit sweater I was wearing and purchased it in the brighter peachy color. So perfect, cropped, and a wonderful 30% off:)


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